Debt, Life Insurance & The Age/Gender Gap

Younger workers and women are more likely to be worried about life insurance, less likely to understand its financial benefits

The Importance of Life Insurance for Financial Security

Despite the improved economy, employees still have significant financial concerns. From student loan debt to caregiving responsibilities, coupled with stagnate wages, today’s workforce faces many financial issues that cause stress and loss of productivity throughout the workday. In fact, MetLife’s U.S.

Time to Break That Shopping Habit!

It seems like we’ve been conditioned to shop since birth.  While an occasional splurge is nothing to get worked up about, we’ve become incredibly wasteful in the process.  Landfills from coast to coast are full of our discarded belongings such as furniture, equipment, appliances, and electronic items like computers and cellphones.

#TakeThePledge during Life Insurance Awareness Month

Financial Missteps to Avoid

We will be happy to help you clarify any financial questions that come up. Please contact us, here.

Interactive Financial Workshops

For more than 20 years, Bill has been passionately helping people feel more comfortable in making financial decisions.

He does this through uniquely designed workshops tailored to accommodate those in attendance.

Long-Term Care Awareness

Everybody has a long-term care plan; most people just don’t know how theirs works.  Some people transfer all the risk to an insurance company, some people transfer part of the risk to the insurance company, while those not electing either of the above probably are not aware of the financial and human costs of relying on their assets and/or their family.

What Ifs of Life...Revisited

What plans have you made in case you live too long or die too soon?

We asked this question a few weeks ago, but the answer is so important, that we encourage you to read these suggestions, again!

Life Insurance 101

Life Insurance 101

What life challenges can be solved with Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is an essential component in helping to provide protection for your future. Whether you need temporary protection for a short term or a more permanent solution, there are many different types that can help you.

Healthcare Is Workers' Most Worrisome Retirement Expense

Though retirement should be an exciting period of life in theory, for plenty of seniors, it's a stressful one in practice. That's because many retirees are caught off-guard by the expenses they inevitably face. And if there's one expense that's more likely than not to go up in retirement, it's healthcare.

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Have you met our team?

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