Ninety Four Percent of Millennials Plan on Making Financial Resolutions in 2019

Nearly all American millennials (94 percent) plan on making financial resolutions in 2019, according to new data from Principal Financial Group®. As the year winds down, more Americans are reflecting on where they busted their budgets in 2018, and importantly, what they’re committed to correcting in 2019.

High Hopes: Four In 10 Americans Plan To Retire Before Age 60

Americans on average expect to retire two years sooner than they did five years ago and many more say they intend to retire before age 60, potentially reflecting a spike in 401(k) balances, according to research from MassMutual.

At the same time, fewer people have figured out how much income they need to retire.

How Can Society Meet The Growing Need of Long-Term Care Services?

The need for long-term care services is a major issue for aging Americans and their families. Although many people know that they may need long-term care services as they age, few Americans are knowledgeable about the costs of long-term care services, which will depend on a number of factors including the disabling condition and the fees charged by service providers.

Buying Long-Term Care Insurance

Buying Long-term Care Insurance

People with certain conditions may not qualify for long-term care insurance. Since standards vary between different insurance companies, if one company denies you, it is possible that another company will accept you. Common reasons why you might not be able to buy long-term care insurance include:

Nearly Two-Thirds of Consumers Think Long-term Care Insurance Is Important

Although nearly Two-Thirds of Consumers Think Long-term Care Insurance Is Important, still, only 15% have purchased it!

Now You Can Add Long-Term Care to Death and Taxes

Three-quarters of Americans will need long-term care, but few are prepared for it, according to a new study.

Americans aren’t prepared for the costs of getting old it seems.

Having The 'Care Conversation'

Conversations can help families prepare financially

Nearly 4 in 10 Americans age 65 and over – 37 percent – say they haven’t had conversations with anyone about preparing for their possible need of long-term care (LTC). The proportion was similar to American adults overall, 38 percent of whom said they hadn’t had such conversations.

Things You Should Know About Social Security and Your Retirement

With more than 95% of American workers currently covered by Social Security, there are some things about this massive retirement program that you should probably know.

Americans Are Excited to Grow Older

However They Worry More about Health Care Costs and Finances Than Death

Parents Spend Twice as Much on Their Adult Children as They Save for Retirement

Parents in the U.S. now spend $500 billion annually on their 18- to 34-year-old adult children – twice the amount they contribute each year to their retirement accounts ($250 billion), according to a new Merrill Lynch study conducted in partnership with Age Wave.

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