Give Yourself Permission to Succeed

Are self-limiting routines and beliefs holding you back from attaining your goals?

Joan was sitting at a round table when a hand descended over her right shoulder and slapped a piece of paper down on the wooden surface. A permission slip lay before her.

Young adults feel the stress of long-term care

Most young adults haven’t given much thought to their own needs as they get older, but a significant number are already providing long-term care for older loved ones, according to a new poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Planning For the "What Ifs" in Life

What plans have you made in case you live too long or die too soon?

People who make effective plans for the future tend to have less stress in their lives.

Seemingly Successful Families May Be at Risk

Many are leaving themselves vulnerable to risks that may stand in the way of achieving their ideal retirement or may jeopardize their family’s financial future.

About half of Americans (47 percent) say that if they were to lose their primary source of income tomorrow, they could only maintain their current lifestyle for three months or less.

A Better Way to Save and Pay for College

Last week, we shared a video with different college savings plans, introducing to some of you the 529 plan, plus other savings options. Pamela Yellen of Bank on Yourself fame shared this helpful example of how the Bank On Yourself plan can work for family’s saving for their children’s post-secondary education.

Video: Saving For Your Child's School

A post-secondary degree is essential to earn a foothold in the workforce. 

For greater flexibility, compare a Bank on Yourself program with a 529 plan. Contact us for help with this. 


Start your Financial Well-Being Plan

A recent study revealed that the US ranked 17th among industrialized countries in financial skills.  This is a subject matter that has been deemphasized in our schools.  To compensate for this it is essential that individuals and families take on more responsibility when learning about financial issues such as funding for cars, college education, home purchases, and other e

Family Discussions Can Help Create a Financially Stress-Free Life

Thought you might be interested in this information we picked up from one of Pamela Yellen’s recent blogs.

It’s Harder To Health Qualify For Long-Term Care Insurance, Start Earlier

While extended care aka long-term care premiums are paid for with money, the care itself is actually purchased with your good health.

I thought you might be interested in this excerpt from a blog posted by Jesse Slome of the AALTCI.

Long Term Insurance Claim Exceeds $2 Million!

I was at an agents’ meeting almost 20 years ago when Jesse Slome led a discussion regarding the need for Long-Term Care Insurance agents to have a professional association dedicated to their specific needs. We voted “yes” to this idea and the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) was formed.

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