A Quarter of Taxpayers Don't Know the Tax Filing Deadline

A majority of Americans are still in the dark on key changes to tax rules, and are worried about the impact of the government shutdown.

Stakes Are Higher For Women When Claiming Social Security

When it comes to claiming Social Security retirement benefits, no one should take the decision of when or how to claim lightly. 

And that goes especially for women, who are more likely to suffer financially if they make the wrong choice.  (Retirement & Savings Calculators)

The History and Benefits of Social Security

Created as a result of the Great Depression, The Social Security Act was signed into law by President Roosevelt in 1935; mainly due to the rise in poverty of the nation’s elderly population. The act was designed to provide retired workers ages 65 and older with a continuing income after retirement.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Life Insurance

Helen Mosher for the Life Happens blog shared this short list of tips to help you better understand life insurance.

Retirees in Relationships Have Fewer Financial Planning Regrets

In some good news for lovebirds this February, new data from Global Atlantic Financial Group’s Retirement Spending Study shows that retirees who are married or living with a significant other have fewer financial regrets than those who are single.

8 Financial Must-Dos for Newlyweds

Matt Hoesley, a financial planner, tells his newlywed story and discusses the financial conversations and steps that are key between you and your spouse, or partner. 

8 Signs You're Financially Compatible

Determine if your partner shares your financial values.

While kindness, intelligence, humor and shared interests are crucial attributes single people often look for in a partner, taking stock of whether you're financially compatible can help you build the foundation of a healthy relationship.

9 Reasons Why Stay-at-Home Parents Need Life Insurance

You’re probably already aware that a parent with a job outside the house most likely needs life insurance to protect their loved ones in case something were to happen. But it’s not just breadwinners who need coverage—stay-at-home parents do, too. Here are nine reasons why, from

Do Single People REALLY Need Life Insurance?

Many people make the assumption that life insurance is for married couples and those with kids. While it is true that not all single people need life insurance, there are a number of reasons when it can make (really) good sense.

1. You have student loan debt. 

Diversity and Financial Wellness

Bright spots and areas of optimism exist within traditionally underserved groups in the face of income inequality, retirement insecurity and household debt, new data from Prudential Financial, Inc. reveals.

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